Special Effects


With our range of special effects, you are sure to become the talk of the town!

Balloon Exploders
Imagine a large balloon stuffed with smaller balloons and then exploding on-cue to release the contents into the air or onto the dance floor. This will add a beautiful effect to any function, and probably something not many people will have seen before! Alternatively we can explode sections of a balloon wall, revealing a surprise product or person.

Confetti Cannons
Confetti is synonymous  with fun and celebration. Use our confetti cannons to add that special flair when making a special announcement or attracting attention to a special moment or person.
Our confetti cannons are usually incorporated into balloon sculptures and designs to enhance the element of surprise.

Balloon Bulbs
With our balloons lights one can easily set the mood or create a special ambiance. Balloon lights are the ideal and safe solution to add some romance to a wedding or to add a little drama to a themed event.